Tuesday, February 25, 2014


Hi dear sorry for long time no see
thats not because Im STOPPED with blogging
but "WE" : MOVED"
why we?
I decided continue blogging with my Friend FELI
when together.. I believe WE can do more
Hope you all understand
Keep contact and FOLLOW us in my new blog



Monday, December 23, 2013

X'MAS Giveaway! from Lalaluna

X'MAS Giveaway!X'MAS Giveaway! from Lalaluna

Hi dolls! 

Christmas is only a week away and for Christmas this year, and Lalaluna want to host a giveaway for her lovely readers. 

There will be 2 lucky person who get this goodie bag! She will not tell you what's inside because it's a surprise!! There will be no sneak peek, but She tell you that there are more than 10 beauty/makeup/skincare items on each bag. 

Please note that the makeup/beauty items in the bag are mixed between brand new and preloved items. The preloved items are either product that She opened but she haven't used it, or she used it only for swatches, but she guarantee even the pre-loved ones are still in very good condition. 

Next, as you know that she love to read. So, for her X'MAS Giveaway, she will pick ONE more lucky reader who will get books of "Looking for Alaska" by John Green and "Incarceron" by Catherine Fisher (both are in english). 

Here'a how to enter her X'MAS Giveaway: 

1. Subscribe to her blog via GFC and bloglovin'
2. Spread this giveaway through blog post, twitter, instagram, path, etc. Don't forget to tag her on twitter (@lalaluna_beauty) or Instagram (@josephinehadiwijaya)
3. Leave comment below mention your GFC and your blog link that post about giveaway.
4. Special for those who want to win the books, you must leave comment below and write "I'm a book lover" and tell me what is your favorite book and who is your favorite author.

This Giveaway will be closed on 26 December 2013.  will announce the winner on 27 December 2013.

That's it dolls and good luck! 

Sunday, October 20, 2013

OOTD with reddish feel vs natural eyes look

Hilaaauuwww... as my promise.. Im try to post everyday 
To pay my absent for a month 
And now Im share about my messy hair with my OOTD

About early November, my photocorner have special moment with Felicia 17th sweet
And as always, I never try to look not profesional.. Im try look my best with my team
With theme red and blue uniform.. We start to work and come earlier in that day

OOTD? yup... 
Many selca? Yuupp ><
So bear with my selca girls kekekke
Just scroll down if you see enough my selca time
have something different that I want to share with you in down bellowww <3

Make up.. 

Okey.. for make up
Lets take a look closer
Single Eyeshadow from Beautystyle
MUA Pallete Heaven and Earth
Fit Me foundie from Maybelline
Blush on The Face Shop Coral Cushion
Etude COlor Pop liptint no.1

with Cherry PhotoCorner team and Felicia

My bestieeeeeee *big kiiissss :*

Bang "SAATT", me, and Bebex

MY moomeeeii <3

Who make that party more live...
"Pixel Team" 

Who take a beautiful picture for memories

with Olin my little sistaaa 

left DAUGHTER with her STEP MOTHER kekekekke
afteer evening, my lip color already gone,.
Olin bring me her REEDDD lip matte gloss...
SO we use the same color 
but, why her looks so natural and sexy and me so creeppyy 

From all who take photo in our corner.. have 2 photos thats my favorites


And this is absolutely my FAVORITEE 

So thats its girls
Hope you like it

guteeee nittteezzzzz

if you dont mind

please follow my GFC and blogvin
my blogvin here
and if you have instagram you can follow me here
or you can find my display name is "cherries_katherin"

Saturday, October 19, 2013

My First Swap with my adorable and lovely buuuffreenn Tata Nedz

Hi beautiess..
Long time no see *again?!!
Im apologize because my lazzineesss ><
After Im sick a several week
The lazzineezzz syndrom come to mee

But, *fingercross.. Im BACK
Hope you miss me like I miss you all
Many things about beauty, fashion, and my life I want to share 

But first, let me start my COMEBACK with my first swap with Tata
We decided to do swap,
with a month preparation
We choose Sept, 25 2013 its the day <3
I quite late to send because my package still in JNE near my home
But so thankful.., my package arrive safely

So lets take a look what  I got from Tata
believe me.. Tata its so lovable person ><
her package its so beautiful... 
I feel my package its so ugly.. TT *crying a lot kekekkeke

kyyaaa... hello kitttyyy... really taaa ><

Tata its so detail about anything
Im adore her so much ^^d
She give me two box.. one of them its my birthday gift *kiss n hug for you taataaa

So lets take a look one by one
My photos qquite dark.. I take them with my android camera ><

And now.. another package from Tata
I dunno why.. I already too happy after receive her package
But she so kind.. send me another package again

I want try this for a long time... Finally taaa >< 

This one toooo >< kyyyaaaaa.... 

Okeeyy... I believeeee... its soooo SOOOOFFFFFTTTT taaa ><
I use it every day now ><
love it so much

So thats it... she's so adorable, right?
I really happy decided to swap and know Tata

If you want to know Tata
its her blog.. you can see about what I give her too ^^

And I make a video for unboxing swap box from tata
Hope you like it deaaarr

Gud nightt

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