Monday, August 26, 2013

Review Maybelline Rocket Volum Express (Indonesia Edition)

Okey, impulse buying again kath ><
I'm making mind not buy anthing this month, just want to buy swap for tata 
But because of Maybelline
I broke up my mind 

Not just that, Im sick today,,..
Coughm cough, and flu
But still
I dont want to waste my time enjoy my Maybelline Rocket

Who doesnt love maybelline
I'm Maybelline addict
And TODAY, Maybelline launch new maskara

This maskara already famous in other country
And today finally *thank you Maybelline Indonesia
I can get and try this Rocket Maskara

They launch today in Matahari Dept Store Indonesia
Not just that, They give you DISCOUNT 20% too
How can you not falling in love with MAYBELLINE? <3

 Its not that pricey as in my thought? Yeap, its just 85.000
With 20% discount, you can bring this maskara just for 68.000 (+-7$)
So why you not bring that to your homeeyy ><

Lets take a look dear ^^

Revolutionary Ultra-Sonic Brush
Explosive Volume
That extends
Clump Free,
in Rocket Time!

They not just give you discount
Also give you the rocket brother?
Upssii, :p
Its a bolpoint free with rocket look a like 
*so cuteeeee, im gonna die


from left to right: no maskara, one time, second times

As you can see, no clump
I stres enough to find the right maskara
But now I think Im in love with this maskara
No minus!! Im in LOVE!!

Whats the diferent with ROcket from other country?
Im still dunno
Im already order one, and will receive in net month
So, just wait and bear with me
I will review again and look with Rocket from other country especially from USA

Okey,,.. See u next time
ALready hangover because Im already drink my medicine ><

Aaa... for you all who live in INdonesia
Maybelline have event too for Maybelline lover 

Mau dapetin Rocket Mascara gratis?
Caranya gampang kok MNY Lovers! Datang ke salah satu Matahari Department Store berikut:
1. Matahari Dept Store Tunjungan Plaza Surabaya/
2. Matahari Dept Store Taman Anggrek/
3. Matahari Dept Store Panakukang Makassar

Foto dengan Giant Rocket seperti gambar di bawah ini yang terletak di center area Makeup, dan tweet ke @MaybellineINA atau share foto di wall Maybelline Indonesia. Satu foto favorit setiap harinya akan kita pilih untuk mendapatkan free Rocket Mascara mulai 26 Agustus – 8 September 2013

Buat kamu yang udah coba Maybelline The Rocket Mascara, ada hadiah seru buat kamu juga lho!
Ajak temen-temen kamu untuk cobain Rocket juga,  tweet ke @MaybellineINA atau share foto di wall Maybelline Indonesia dan kasih comment setelah menggunakan Maybelline The Rocket Mascara! Dapatkan Maybelline hampers senilai Rp 150,000 untuk 10 orang dengan best review The Rocket Mascara selama periode 1 – 30 September 2013

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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Unboxing from ibuybeauty (ibuybeauty haul)

Im have ordered some goodies from ibuybeauty
I search tn (teen's nature) product and nobody sell them in my country
Just ibuybeauty who sell them ^^ in very affordable price
I really happy shop with ibuybeauty
Never though they will send me a looootttt oofff sample
because I just bought 5 items

Hope you enjoy my video
I will review them soon

Thats the box
Actually I must go to post office to take it my self
But have a good post boy man ><
thats delivery to my house
And because Im still sleepy
I can't give him anything
*stupid 1000x #plaaaakkk

The box its quite good
Thats why Im so happy
They send the package July,29 2013
And I receive at August 19
Its quite fast if you know my country

I told ibuybeauty to write the value set under 50$ thats why I dont use to pay tax this time

wooofff wooofff
Its fuuullll <3

And have thanks card too ^^/

one by one they wrap safely with bubblewrap ^^

And this is all I got..
How about the name of product one by one?
You can watch them in my youtube video ^^
please check out there
And if you like please like them

So thats it,,,
^^ hope you enjoy it

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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Sincerely Dolly's Eyemazing Giveaway!

So Dolly finally hosting her first giveaway! She will be giving away five items along with a Paul & Joe tote. The theme is black & blue with mostly items focused on the EYES. :) 

It will end on August 21st and the winner has 1 day to respond to her email since she need to ship it out before she leave for Japan. This giveaway is open to international readers as well so please feel free to join in!
Giveaway Items:
  • Revlon ColorStay Crayon Eyeliner
  • Romantic Compact Mirror
  • Emoda Pouch
  • ELF Sea Escape Eye Shadow Palette
  • EYEMAZING Eyelashes Harajuku Doll Series in Neko Eye


Tuesday, August 13, 2013

I hear your voice Seo doyeon Make Up

Heloooo my kittiiiesss...
meet me again ^^

Lately, I have korean drama favorite,,
I watch it 3x already 
I hear your voice
Its very addicted to me
I realy love this drama

And have someone who very eye catching to me
not the main caracter
But one of the side caracter
Seo Doyeon, one of the prosecutor
She's really beautiful and have a bright make up
I do love her,.. ^^

So, now I try to make her make up with my way
Hope you enjoy it
And see u later

At first I try to say something
but I find it really akward
So, as usual.. I just make this video beautiful with I hear your Voice ost

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Soo.. see you next time 


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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Review and swatch VICE PALLETE from Urban Decay

Hi kitiiiesss...
Finallyy, my camera is back
This is my first time I miss my camera
COz no camera, I can meet you all
I can post my new review
Actually I have new products
Many manyyy more and more
As you can see in my past post ^^
I have quite many haul in this month

So just give for you
I will review my new baby
I do love so much this baby
have it for a month and never touch it
Just can see it and Im already happy

But today
I decided to review and swatch just for share with you all

maybe you already know because my title
This is my new pallete
My first colorful pallete
The "VICE" pallete from Urban Decay

I bought it from TWL, Im happy shop with TWL
They have fast respond 

For secure package, they package my pallete with bunch of bubblewrap 

fuuuhhhhhhhhh..... ====3

okey, for opened.. you can just push the urban decay part

it can open automaticaly >< 
and have a big mirror... I LOVE IT SO MUCH 

it came with a dual brush

I think I can make it for blending brush.. ^^

So, time for swatch
Overall.. they really pigmented and I satisfied with that

Muse its quite powdery but still pigmented

But jagged... Its really hard and powdery
Not just that.. Not as pigmented than the other

And the last part
Im not really love the last part
They just so so >'<

So thats a vice pallete
I do love this pallete
How about you?

Coming soon, 
I will do the tutorial make up with this pallete
thats why I quickly review and swatch 

Hope you enjoy this post
and see you later


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