Friday, April 19, 2013

Review: Sweet Recipe choco chip Cookie Pact from Etude

This use to be powder or bronzer?
It is Powder or chocolate cookie?

It's quite confuse at first..
Okey, I will let you know about this product ^^
why I confuse to use this product

I confess
I love ETUDE
beeryy much.. I love the packaging a lot
especially this product, 
First, I love how they package looks like cookies..
Second, I just dont look the price, and BUYYY kekekkekek... Its a stupid idea i think
*don't try this at home* :p

Who can't falling in love with this product? WHOOO? ^^o

Finally ~fiuuuhh~

Okey, lets take a look from inside

They have spons applicator that really easy and soft to use. I like the spons ^^

Dont worry, youre spons will be always clean, they have a hard plastic after that
It will keep you spons clean 

Like a coookiieee, o^^o
and did you know, they smeel like a choco cookies..
If you opened, You will want to eat first before you apply in your face xp

And this is the color

If you see, its quite light color. But actually its little bit darker.
So I use this product for my bronzer. And its work..
Because I choose choco one.
If you want to powder you can choose almond one. :)
For bronzer. I really love it. because they give the natural result. Not to dark ^^
Its work for my skin tone 
*psst, remember, Every body have a different result*
I hope my review can help you guys if you want to know more about this product

See yaaa..
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  1. di gbr produk etude yang almond lebih dark pdhl warnanya. jd bgg mau coba ><

  2. Hehe, your blog is so cute! ^.^ Nice review! :) So many cute photos owo
    (Check out my blog? I plan on doing a giveaway once I reach 50 followers :3)



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