Monday, April 8, 2013

Start your Spring with NEON color

Hello guys.. 
Long long long time no see you all
I really miss you
But I'm really busy at end of march

And now, I will upload more than before
I prepare many post 
Hope you all enjoy it ^^

First at all
I now in Indonesia dont have spring season
But, who dont falling in love with Spring
I finaly realize I can make this blog more live with the color of Spring

I really love this coat...
It can use with many diferent style
actually, this is my first coat I buy and very expensive
I buy it with my empty wallet
So, Im a beggar now? 

Second method you can just leave the button ^^

And third method you can use the button
It's more like dress if you do like that ^^
I like this one

Okey... If you don't want use the coat..
let's we play a simple look
*why I'm feel so creepy with my self in here --a*

For accecoris 
Bag: This bag is really not expensive one
Just 5$ ^^

Belt and necklaces

Watch from my mother's friend give me for my birthday :)
It's come from Alexandre Christie

For shoes, I know.. :p
why so dirty?
I really love this shoes
I use this shoes for 3 years yet
this shoes is so simple and you can use for anything clothes.
It's really easy to use
This shoes is from "matahari dept store"

kekekke... lol
who is he?
He is who take picture for me for this post... 
can you find his hand?
he is flapping around

So see u next post guys..



  1. blogging jg to.. folback aq yakkk :)

    Miss Aa

    1. woke ;) iya tp g ad ap2nya klo dbandingin punya mu vel ^^d

  2. I just followed your blog :) would be very happy if you could drop by/follow mine too

  3. Ahahaaa, meskipun kantong kosong tetep sikat yah :).
    gw juga ada kemeja Neon pas warna mantel kamu, but but ga PD yah
    btw lam kenal yah :

    1. PD aj ;) main2 dicampur2 sama bawahan yang lbh netral bagus kok warna neon itu
      salam kenal jg.. follow GFC ku yuk ^^



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