Sunday, March 24, 2013

Fashion Haul for Miracle March + sneakpeak about first GIVEAWAY

Happy Sunday my little sunshine
What do you do to close this week
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Several people go to church to celebrate a palm sunday if I'm not wrong
so happy palm Sunday

This month I reaalllyyy have a crazy mind maybe
I don't know why
but I'm already buy a loooooottt off things
*now maybe I only can close my eyes..... and my wallet kekekekke*

so, I dont want what I buy just a waste 
and only I can see what it that
I will show you guys what I got
not just only show, but I will give you guys a little bit from I got
*clap your handss allll.. this is my FIRST giveaway...

First dress is from miu miu
I don't often buy a branded dress
But, in april my cousin enggage and may my bestfriend wedding
so I choose to buy this dress.. I'm falling love in my first sight I look this dress
Actually this dress in size S but a little bit bigger so I send this dress to tailor and make a little bit smaller

I buy this dress from my friend's boutique
I dont buy often in there cause the price a little bit expensive
I just walk around front of her boutique and falling in love the detail from this dress
And I really love PINK from this dress
This dress quite exprensive
It's +- 65$

Second dress is from online shop..
I dont like and never buy a bodycon or press body dress
Cause I dont have a great body kekkekekek
But my boyfriend is freaking out like this dress
And I actually love the color combination ^^
its really pretty right?
This adoreble dress have a adorable price
17$ (

I really love hoddie
And this simple hoddie have a great fabric..
just for 12$ (
you can bring home this cute hoddie
I buy this one from online shop too
They give me a discount if buy 3
more you buy, more you can get discount
and their name its look like this blog ^^

This one i got from cherry collectionzz too ^^
I found this skirt at Pasar Atum mall its about
But I got just from cherry collectionzz
And because I buy 3 items. they give a discount... each product just

The last, I choose black one.. 
Its quite simple but have a detail that make this blouse looks more elegant
I love it

To many picture... I will show you guys how if I wear it...
^^d stay tune

eheemm... about giveaway.. I will upload the picture what you got from this giveaway tomorrow
in my ACC haul post..
don't worry.. you will not regret it
I make sure you will like it  *^^*
and just for a sneak peak
you will got
1 hot pants
1 bracelet
1 earring
1 nail polish
and whats more...
you will see tomorrow ^.~

how to be a winner?
very easy...
just follow me in google friend connect (GFC)
and comment (positive/negative comment) in my every post
I really want to know about you guys ^^
I dont use any program to choose a winner
so I will read every comments and check it by my self

so see you tommorow


  1. Wow... I love that pink dress and the black blouse :) Lol :D
    And that cute glasses with bunny ears and ribbon! Oh gosh :3 soooo cuteeee :)

    1. yeahh.. I love that too ^^
      really cute right? and stiill don't know how to use that...
      if go to the mall and use bunny glasses.. how people look at me? lol...



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