Sunday, March 17, 2013

March beauty haul ^^

Hi sweetheart...
I'm sorry about my late beauty haul
this is my first post about Haul...
I'm still learn about blog
Hope you guys bear with me. ^^

A couple days before,
I can't touch my internet
* yes, my house dont use wifi...
My brother play about monopoli onlinee
what the wuuufff....
I amaze him, how can he play a long day like that... 

So this what I got in march

whoaaahh so manyyy?
My wallet regret it now...
But not my blog..
I hope I can share about anything for you guys

More detail
This is from Etude

I got:
3 Look at my Eyes PP502 ( purple ), Star Mint GR01, PK003 (soft pink)
3 Petit darling Nails
I buy this two from Counter Etude Grand City

Rose Kabuki Brush

I Miss U lip balm

Sweet Recipe Choco Chip cookie pact

Ettoinette Crystal Shine Lips PPK002

This is from Elianto
I already talk a little bit about this brand
I got:
3 Nail Polish * i have already review one color before ^^

Elianto CURVEE Eyeliner Pen

Natural Mineral loose eye shadow in Gold03

Elianto Bamboo and Apple mint nail colour remover
*this product is really awesome, i will review soon*

and of course I got DOLL GIFT from Elianto
coz I spend 200.000 ( about 20$ ) 

Already my third bootle kekekkeke.....

I start to freaking love scent candle hahahha...
Its all because Bubz, some one who really inspire me a lot...
She a beauty guru from youtube.. She have a lot message what's really important.. Not just a beauty..
And she love candle
This is first time I bought a candle, I bough from Informa cause they have a candle sale
But I got wrong desicion.. They SALE this product because have a long time no one bought this product
First I smell, this candle have a great smell..
But at home I lit the candle, it didn't work, it didn't smell at all TT
But I know something now, If you want to buy a candle with a great and many choice
You must buy at ACE not Informa hahahahha
*that's what my friend says*

"Book Time"
I got this book from Togamas, you will got more discount if you have student card ^^
and this is really cool book...
you must have it, I will review soon what's book is this

Who don't know Dahlan Iskan in Indonesia?
but now, I will show you guys about Dahlan Iskan from Freddy H Istanto's eyes
Actually I know about Mr. Freddy * a little bit
and I really proud of him..
He really love his country, not just love but also Expand what he love
I will tell later... Because this post will not enough if I want to tell about Mr Dahlan and Mr Freddy..

So,,... this is the HAUL from March
what do you want to know guys?
please comment below...
I will review soon ^^

see you later


  1. Yuhuuuuuuuuuuu, ada namaku disini. Thanks a bunch Katherin Laksmana.
    Salah satu Designer Komunikasi Visual yg hebat! maju terus ya Katherin. Lanjooooooot! :D :D :D

    1. sama2 pak ^^ buku bagus harus dipromosikan donk ;)
      nanti moga sempat buat reviewny buku secara khusus..



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