Saturday, June 1, 2013

Unboxing Cubox

Hi girls..
I know its a late night
I editing my new video youtube just now
just incase you all want to know more about Cubox
you can click link down below

Today I receive package that I wait for a long time..
Thats from Cubox..
All products in each Cubox are tested and hand-picked
by specialists in the relevant industry.
Specialists range from Korean celebrity stylists to Seoul 
Fashion Week models to even Korean music video directors

Price? Its quite pricey.. but worth it to buy
its 92$ but you can have 10-12 full size beauty product and 2-3 sample
Its not like another box that just give the sample size
That's why I prefer to buy Cubox in first time I hear it

They have a good system and customer service too..
I quite afraid because this is my first time buy product directly from korea
And because its free shipping, we can't track our package
So I accidentaly always asking about my package..
And they always answer my questionn
So if you want to join cubox in June
you can click in here

I'm buy this product with own money and not sponsored ;)

I'm sorry if many blurring picture in my video.. 
I'm still learning about it
But the lighting its better than before 

So now.. time for take a look the picture first
Thats look when I receive from kantor pos indonesia

The box already messy and a little bit dirty

Have a bubble wrap to make your package safe

 Wooww... Im very excited to try one by one ^^

Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Liquid Nose Pack

Cute Purple Bolpoint :p

Clean Up Herb Source from A'pieu

 Hot Body from Holika Holika

A set Face 2 Change from Holika Holika

Pore Cover Mousse Starter

Moist Cushion BB

Moist Cushion BB refill

CC Cream Sample from Holika Holika

Innisfree Eco Science Eye Mask

Sample Innisfree The Green Tea Seed Serum

Innisfree Capsule Recipe Pack Strawbery

Innisfree Capsule Recipe Pack Aloe Vera

Aqua Nature Moistly Deep Sea Serum from A'pieu

Sample Aqua Nature Dewdrop Lotion from A'pieu

Sample Aqua Nature Dewdrop Booster Skin from A'pieu

Holy Deer Eye Shadow from Holika Holika

Nature Republic Whitening Collagen Dream Mask Sheet 

Nature Republic Given by Nature Rose Hip Mask Sheet

Nature Republic Given by Nature Rose Hip Mask Sheet

So Thats all what I got from Cubox May

Repurchase? I really like this package
So maybe I will purchage again in June
Just stay tune girls ^^
and dont forget to follow my GFC
if you like it.. you also can follow my insta

Soo.. see you next time 



  1. astaga nennngg... mahal bener 92$ + 40$ tax....
    produknya bikin ngilerrrrrr full size semuaa... tp ya gpp sih 92$ nya sih oke...
    pengirimannya brp lama dr korea?
    trus itu dress dpt random tah? ato milih

    1. klo ini beda ma box yg di indo ce.. produk2 nya da dtunjukin apa aja... jd klo g suka brg2nya.. tgl g usa beli.. klo pas suka isinya. tgl beli ^^ lebih enak...
      bajunya jg uda dtunjukin dpt baju ini.. cmn milih warna,, wkt itu ad dua warna. hitam sama biru

  2. owalah brarti bukan random ya... ya lumayan tuh, ga kaya yg box indo.
    tp brgnya buanyaaakk pol. full size salah deh hrgnya segitu mahal.

    1. in penasaran yg juni ce ^^ soalny kerja sama mereka bagus2.. kebanyakan holika holika innisfree sama A'pieu.. itu kan susah msk indo.. jarang yg jual. makanya aku lgsg ambil

  3. Priceeyyyyyy, hahahaha.. Tapi emang dapetnya bagus2 barangnya. Kalo bajunya ada size juga gitu yg bisa dipilihkah?

    Btw, bantu komen disini ya :)
    Menghindari Kulit Dari Sinar UV

    1. oke ^^

      iya kalau baju size nya sistem all size ;) cmn pilih warna ajj.. in aku liat bajunya muat smp M

  4. wah, jadi gak sabar nungguin cubox ku dateng juga >_<
    Btw, itu paketnya ngambil sendiri ya di kantor pos ?

    1. iya krn klo kena pajak harus ambil di kantor pos dl dear.. ^^ bayar dl...
      klo gak kena pajak baru bisa lgsg dkirim ke rmh

  5. OMG OMG OMG... 40$ buat beanya :( :____( It's not that worth for mee >.< But the products are greeeeaaat~
    Request~ Holika holika doongg :p

    1. woke sabrina ^^ ditunggu yaaa....
      iya... cmn tenang aja... cubox nya bahkan bela2in tanyain ke aku lo knp kok smp bisa kena cukai.. trus aku jelasin krn kan tertulis value pricenya...
      Di Indonesia kalau dibawah 50$ baru g kena cukai.. So cubox manage supaya yg ke Indo nanti bakalan value nya dtulis 35/40$ biar kita2 gak kena cukai



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