Monday, August 5, 2013

Pengampon Haul, crazy swap, and xtreme shopping with my makeup junkie from Surabaya

Today Im tired enough...
But Im too happy and want to share my experience today
I meet again
with them


Make Up junkie!!
Beauty Blogger Surabaya

From 9 a.m++
Sabrina pick up me 
its quite morning ><
with a freaking sleepy I wake up kekekekek *because I always wake up 11a.m

So what we do?
We agreed to meet at 10 a.m at pengampon
for who didnt know about pengampon.
Pengampon its place that center beauty supply
Its very cheap there if you buy grosir

what I got?!!!!
So many right?
I know..
But as you know, its very cheap cz you can get grosir price

Coz I newbie with fake lashes. I just bought 4 piece ><
And for glue fake lashes.. We bought that Olin recomended for us.. We bought at Atom. Its ranee glue fake lashes

Olin have sold her PL yesterday.. And I really want to try this
So I decided to bought from Olin
Its Holika2 Aqua Petit Jelly
And Fit Me Maybelline
And she gave me essence Mask... ><
*thank you Olin

Okay, what I learn today
You must eat vit.E for your skin
And just me who didn't buy at first..
But Sabrina told me that its good and important to
So I buy it ^^/

Shaaafaaa... really thank you, that you bought me this cute hairband... *after being force by Irma kekekkeke
And Irma thank you, for the eyeshadow one ^^

And last for today, I buy 2 brushes 
one Kabuki brush *trust me its very cheap and holy creeeppyy softtttt ><
one its flat kabuki brush * I want to use for my blush on
So thats for today..
Is it finish?

Not yet girls...


So yesterday, we "Make Up junkie has told that have a 40% at hypermart Surabaya for Maybelline product
For me I buy:
Lip Smooth Color at pink blossom 
Stilletto Maskara
2 Cheeky Glow
1 Color Collection at Coral Crush

And I just go at Matahari CITO..
They have promo too
Its buy 2 get 1 free
Not just that
They have release new product for Maybelline
So I bought Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse *its new*
And for surrogate from the other..
Its 5 hyperglossy liner in black
Irma already use it today
And its really good quality with fact its just *after discount

And for my online PO haul ><

Finally I got my Color POp Drawing Show Creamy pencil from Etude House

Lash Perm All Shockara 
and Wide Nails from Face it

Nivea Lip Butter Smooth Kiss
Nivea Lip Butter Caramel Cream Kiss
*I have heard many postv for this product
thank you for Tata who get me information for this product
Finally I can get this product after a long time

And as usual, with korean product you will get so many sample
I just bring home a little that I will use it
SOme I give to Lina and Irma

Last for this post girls
Just bear with me
July its my birthday
And my bestfriend just arrived at Surabaya 2 days a go
Im really surprise that she give me benefit product
Really thank you felll
Reallyyy loooveee itt 

SO thats its...
Im really sleepy and tired right now
Will have a nice dream and just can smile after thinking how I spend today with all of you girls

good night and sleep tight 



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  1. Aaaak!!!
    Benefittttt >____<
    Itu Maybelline Liquid Dream Mousse nyaah revieww dong heheh
    Asikk ya bisa jalan brg sama org yg hobinya sama

    1. iya erna ^^ thank you for read my absurd haul kekekkeke
      will review soon asap after my camera back ^^/

    2. Hi thankyou for award ny :)
      Followed you :D

    3. your welcome...
      follow you back ^^

  2. ow may goodd.. hahaha.. nice haulliinn.. brush na pinky bgd kath.. its my all time favs colours.. hahaha.. whiiii.. nivea na.. glad u can found it thoo.. hihihi.. let me know what u think yhap.. i had 3 already.. cmn yg smooth kiss ak gk beli wkt it.. :D review aqua petit jelly naa yaa kath *request :3

    owh iaaahh,, maachiiee nama beserta link blog ku di masukin.. :*

    1. iyaaa dbeli krn cakep bgt warnanya.. g twnya soft banget qualitynya <3
      iya nivea nya berkat kmu ni ta ^^

      petit jelly? dtgg segera ya <3

  3. Hi there, I've just nominated you for the Liebster Award. Visit for more info. Also, do you want to follow each other?


    1. Hi Ami.. thank you for that..
      Already follow you ^^ I'm really happy if we can follow each other..



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