Thursday, August 8, 2013

GIVEAWAY TIME from Almighty Turtle

Hellooo ^__^ Welcome to almighty turtle first giveaway! She just wanted to thank you guys for always writing such lovely comments and being so nice to her~ She hope you enjoy the things she picked out for you.

Her giveaway starts 06.29.2013
Her giveaway ends 08.14.2013 (this is also when She'll get the acceptance letters for college omg)

Of course it's open internationally. If you're younger than 18 years please make sure your parents agree (since she will be needing your address in case you win.)
All the items provided in her giveaway were bought from certified sellers, such as Mannings, Watsons, Sasa and Koreadepart.

She divided the giveaway into 2 prizes, keep on scrolling if you're interested~

 A part of the 1st prize is the Mizon Snail Recovery Gel - She own Mizon's Snail BB Cream which is her absolute favorite! The snail enzymes in this moisturizer are used to heal and hydrate skin~

 An adorable-looking whitening sheet mask. Isn't this so cute?

 A super soft and fluffy cleansing sponge that will make any cleanser lather!

 Included is also the My Beauty Diary 2-Step America Soothing Pack. My Beauty Diary is a super hyped Taiwanese brand.

 She love It's Skin "Babyface" products. The design is too cute. She chose their BB Cream in #Silky.

 The design of the black head removing nose strips really caught her eye. They're by Holika Holika.

 Shaping eyebrows is probably the most difficult part of a girl's make-up routine. Am I right or am I right? This kit by Etude House will render you assistance :)

And for even more assistance, Etude House's eyebrow razor. A non-painful way of removing some of those tiny hairs...

 She absolutely love lip stains so she had to include one in her giveaway. Perfect for creating the "gradient lips" look haha. 
The last part of the first prize is this cute moisturizing lip balm her Monplay.

Aaaand products of the 2nd prize, here they come:

 This prize also includes a My Beauty Diary mask (Africa Hydrating Pack) and the Thermal Water Gel Mask by Skinfood!

 I know Maybelline isn't technically an Asian brand but She just had to get this... "Babe Lips" is, as far as she know, one of Maybelline's most famous products. This little kit also contains a make-up remover.

 Some silky, soft cotton pads in very pretty packaging!

 This product can be used as a highlighter, it has a very pretty shimmer to it. 

  Etude House's Sweet Recipe Candy Stick in #Orange. Probably the best part of this giveaway haha! She wish she could keep it her self...

 The 2nd prize also includes this blusher by Tony Moly. It's a very pretty coral shade that's perfect for summer!!

 She tested this hand cream inside the store and omg it smells so nice. It is softening as well!
 This is an eye mask containing Vitamin K. On the back it says "sexy eye look" ^_^ Sounds great right?

Last but not least, the It's Skin Babyface Mascara.

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