Tuesday, August 13, 2013

I hear your voice Seo doyeon Make Up

Heloooo my kittiiiesss...
meet me again ^^

Lately, I have korean drama favorite,,
I watch it 3x already 
I hear your voice
Its very addicted to me
I realy love this drama

And have someone who very eye catching to me
not the main caracter
But one of the side caracter
Seo Doyeon, one of the prosecutor
She's really beautiful and have a bright make up
I do love her,.. ^^

So, now I try to make her make up with my way
Hope you enjoy it
And see u later

At first I try to say something
but I find it really akward
So, as usual.. I just make this video beautiful with I hear your Voice ost

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Soo.. see you next time 


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  1. mmg bagus makeup lee bo young sm lee da hae d dramanya yaa..
    lg ngetren bgt bright lips..
    nice makeup kath ^^

    1. thank you rin ^^
      iyaaa.. salut lo ma mereka...
      mereka umurnya da di atasku.. tapi kulitnya muuluuuussss bangettt ><"

  2. aih cantiknyaaa <3 nice tutorial~
    btw bener tuh kata komennya ce rini diatas, bright lips lagi ngetren banget yak sekarang wkwk :P

    1. thank you dear ^^/
      iyaa.. bisa bikin kita lbh cerah jg

  3. waaa... skrg kece, dah smpe buat tutorial video <3

    stay fab,
    Miss Aa

  4. Hello ^^ I just found your blog and this blog is pretty cute. I do nominate your blog for The Liebster Award.
    Please read on: http://elinivana.blogspot.com/2013/08/the-liebster-award.html and go participate.


    Elin XOXO



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