Sunday, August 11, 2013

Review and swatch VICE PALLETE from Urban Decay

Hi kitiiiesss...
Finallyy, my camera is back
This is my first time I miss my camera
COz no camera, I can meet you all
I can post my new review
Actually I have new products
Many manyyy more and more
As you can see in my past post ^^
I have quite many haul in this month

So just give for you
I will review my new baby
I do love so much this baby
have it for a month and never touch it
Just can see it and Im already happy

But today
I decided to review and swatch just for share with you all

maybe you already know because my title
This is my new pallete
My first colorful pallete
The "VICE" pallete from Urban Decay

I bought it from TWL, Im happy shop with TWL
They have fast respond 

For secure package, they package my pallete with bunch of bubblewrap 

fuuuhhhhhhhhh..... ====3

okey, for opened.. you can just push the urban decay part

it can open automaticaly >< 
and have a big mirror... I LOVE IT SO MUCH 

it came with a dual brush

I think I can make it for blending brush.. ^^

So, time for swatch
Overall.. they really pigmented and I satisfied with that

Muse its quite powdery but still pigmented

But jagged... Its really hard and powdery
Not just that.. Not as pigmented than the other

And the last part
Im not really love the last part
They just so so >'<

So thats a vice pallete
I do love this pallete
How about you?

Coming soon, 
I will do the tutorial make up with this pallete
thats why I quickly review and swatch 

Hope you enjoy this post
and see you later


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  1. Oh wow really beautiful palette looks very pigmented. Now I`m following you in GFC I hope your follow me back! xx

    Join to my Giveaway for Win an Etude House CC Cream!

    1. yup ^^ will be follow you back dear
      dont worry ;)

  2. Warnanya bagus2 yaaa colorful gitu hihi. How much you bought it dear? *sepertinya aku telah sukses teracuni lol >…<

    1. hehehe... asikkk racunnya berhasill
      worth it kok tapi ^^
      wkt itu beli kena 725 sama ongkir klo g sala dear

  3. *pingsan liat Urban Decay* *pingsan lagi ngeliat harga nya* "̮HαHαHα"̮ kamu racun kak.. Iiiiish (T_____T)



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