Saturday, August 10, 2013

APieceofMi's First Giveaway!

Hello!!! =^-^=
Today is a very special day! That's because Kath from will be hosting her very first giveaway!!! She finally achieved 100+ Followers! So, this is her thanks you all of you! Sorry, this post might be a little long! Please bare with me!

For her very first giveaway she collaborating with W2Beauty to bring you three products that she have reviewed in the past.
*Note (For the APieceofMi+W2Beauty Giveaway): There will only be one winner for this Giveaway and the giveaway is INTERNATIONAL 

The three products that will be given away are: (All pictures viaW2Beauty) 

Tony Moly's Milky Tint #1 Milky Pink
Tony Moly's Lovely Peach Hand Mask (토니모리 러블리 피치 마스크)

Skin79 Green Tea Mist Toner
Please click those links if you would like to know more about those products!
Rules and Terms (APieceofMi+W2Beauty):

1. This Giveaway will start August 7th and end September 3rd.
2. Complete the first set of requirements in the Rafflecopter below!
3. Don't Giveaway the items she gave to you in a Giveaway of your own! That's not fair.
4. The winner will be randomly chosen via Rafflecopter and be contacted by email! Please, respond within 48 hours or your prize will go to someone else.

They are also having a discount of 10% off for a month starting. I'd say today? Since, they've been fixing the site up. Also, there is a sale on selected Missha and A'pieu items! 15% off!!! With the code Summer15.
You will also be receiving a $5.00 voucher from entering my sponsor code when you register. (Just so you can look to see if there's anything you would like to buy ^-^)



  1. Hehe~ Thank you for posting my giveaway! Regarding your comment, Our name is almost the same ^-^ Kat is short for Kathleen ^-^ Thank you again!

    1. Your welcome dear ^^
      you have such a beautiful blog
      really happy to read them

      yup... for me from Katherin ^^



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