Thursday, August 22, 2013

Unboxing from ibuybeauty (ibuybeauty haul)

Im have ordered some goodies from ibuybeauty
I search tn (teen's nature) product and nobody sell them in my country
Just ibuybeauty who sell them ^^ in very affordable price
I really happy shop with ibuybeauty
Never though they will send me a looootttt oofff sample
because I just bought 5 items

Hope you enjoy my video
I will review them soon

Thats the box
Actually I must go to post office to take it my self
But have a good post boy man ><
thats delivery to my house
And because Im still sleepy
I can't give him anything
*stupid 1000x #plaaaakkk

The box its quite good
Thats why Im so happy
They send the package July,29 2013
And I receive at August 19
Its quite fast if you know my country

I told ibuybeauty to write the value set under 50$ thats why I dont use to pay tax this time

wooofff wooofff
Its fuuullll <3

And have thanks card too ^^/

one by one they wrap safely with bubblewrap ^^

And this is all I got..
How about the name of product one by one?
You can watch them in my youtube video ^^
please check out there
And if you like please like them

So thats it,,,
^^ hope you enjoy it

if you dont mind

please follow my GFC and blogvin
my blogvin here
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  1. tn.. I'm waiting for my package from ibuybeauty. hasn't arrived yet.. Got the bb cream from giveaway >.< reviewnya dongg..

    1. of course... ^^ im excited to try one by one tooo
      wuaaahhh... cool... pnyku lmyn ngg 3 mgg.. uda brp lama punyamu say?

  2. cieee ada videonya.. <3
    thanks for sharing anyway

    stay fab,
    Miss Aa

  3. wahhh isinya banya bangett ya, interested! ;)

    1. yuk mari ikutan shopping ^^/

      *ngeracun mode on

  4. Woooow.. Banyak banget yang dikasih kak? *melongo* pingin (T___T) cara beli nya gimana?
    Come and visit my blog :)
    Can we follow each orther?

    1. iyaaaa ><
      gampang kok...
      lgsg aj ke linknya ibuybeauty..
      cmn tgl masukin cart2 gtu.. cmn bayarnya pake paypal

      sure ^^\



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