Friday, February 22, 2013

Review: Elianto green tosca S06 nail color

Woohoo duggie duggiieee ^^
I want to show you guys about new brand from malaysia
But, their product many have made in korea / germany

First, because I can't wait any more
I will review one of nail colour that I buy
Next week I will post what I buy in first stand of Elianto in Galaxy Mall

This is what product I use from start untill finish

Clean Hand ^^
*upss... I take a photo when  I watch a korean movies*
you are my pet
funny movies, i watched that third kekekekekek

First at all, don't forget to use base coat

Next step, just be clean to apply a green tosca S06 elianto nail colour
I apply twice to have a nice colour in my finger

And the last I use top coat to make the result more shinny and long lasting

And who always make a terible error and can't wait any longer 
you can use a help finger from etude
^^ that's the final look ^^
I love that coloorr 

soo, see u next week for the next post


Thursday, February 21, 2013

What I get at Express your love with Etude House event ^^

Haiii sweetheart..
I almost forgot with this one

I'm very excited to came at Etude House event
I buy product 25$ before and I get a invitation card
Thats diferents with other
Cause I can get a welcome gift at event

This the welcome gift that I have receive

Inside bag
im already like a crazy 
jump over the placeeee
- Shinee map
- Cute Bolpoint ---> i'm already use and bring this bolpoin every day after that day
- Pink Envelope
- Collagen Moistfull trial kit
- Aloha Mascara Remover
- Milk Talk Strawberry

And what inside the Pink Envelope
Many many voucher that you can use untill last February *^^*

~ to the ~

A house full of wonder where
girls can play with dolls and make up
and looks for each day

*Wanna be*

so cutee ^^

so see you tomorrow sunshine
I will review about new product tomorrow
stay tune


Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Express your love with Etude House

Helloww sweetieesss...
Sorry for a long time no see TT
I really have a hectic schedule this month
Hope you guys miss me *hug....

Last week Etude House, one of cosmetic brand from korea
Hold a big events at Grand City Surabaya
The biggest event that Etude hold at Surabaya for the first time
So I'm really excited and crazy to wait this event
Coz I a newbee in blogger, so I don't have any invitation to blogger like another senior blogger
But it's okeey, I really love Etude product back then

I love that how Etude promote the product
Use theme that make people not die to bored buy the product
because they have theme that make people always want to buy their product

okeeeyyy, back to topic...

"Wanna be Sweet?"
* I just find really funny that a boy use pink t-shirt and have a tagline wanna be sweet
And it happen with he really doesn't have a cute face

"Play Etude"

This event held 13-17 february

They have a lot stall that very fun to join and enjoy..


Photo Booth

aiiihh, that's me, mima (translater Etude), and ce tasya
its unbelieveble.. we meet there and just a second
we become a friends..
becouse of Etude we find a new friends 

Nail art
that's what I get 
really beautiful right?

Make over stand
not just a make over
Etude bring a make artist from Korea
They cannot speak bahasa
so have Mima that can translate and make us understand what they saying

Ce Tasya who use a make over stall, I dont use that stall coz I'm already joins the Beauty Class
upsss.. dont worry 
I will have a footage from Beauty Class in down below
Kang Hanna Unnie thats make over ce Tasya
She's reaaallllyyyyy beautifull
And looks like Eun Hye unnie ^^
I really love how she make up ce Tasya
She not just Make over, but teach us how to use make up and how to use a right skin care

And this is the footage from Beaty Class
Actually, really embarasing have a beauty class in the center of Mall
have many people just stopped by and look at us who try to learn how to make up

Etude providing make up Product to use
and really appreciate about that

This is ittt
and this event make me more more more love korean product

See u next time Etude ^^

Gud night

Monday, February 4, 2013

Review Nail Polish ~ base coat, Etude PP912, top coat, n help my finger

Helooo cherries
Heloo February....
Hopefully I can't wait this review...
I'm already fall in love with nail polish...
And I'm start to greedy to buy another nail polish \^^/

OKeyyy.. lets start

Today I will show you guys about Nail, from the base coat until finish
what product I'm use and what the positive from this product

I always use base coat, coz I'm afraid my hand start to bad nail, and with base coat,... you will make your nail more have a beautiful color
The base coat I'm use from theFACEshop number 02

Next, you can directly use what your color nail polish want..
In here I review about nail polish from Etude PP912
Its really have a beautiful color
I loooveee ittt
The texture is very kind..
Color from mature color it's really good from any skin..
if I see at first, its like "SEMEN" in bahasa 

this the real photo no edit :)

Next I use the top coat from theFACEshop no. 03 
The top coat make your nail polish more long lasting and more shine

The final.. I'm a careless person.. So i never wait any longer my nail polish dry..
I always make mistake in time I'm wait my nail polish done
So I reaaalyy reaaallllyy love this product
Help my Finger from etude.. can make your nail polish done in a second...
and let's startttt parrrrtttteeee..
*uppss hihihihihihi

Just like a tear drop.. with pipet from this product
Its very easy to use, and very usefull.. 

so that's my preview..
i'm still learn english to this blog
sorry if I make many mistake with my terible English kekekkeke

see u next post


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