Friday, February 22, 2013

Review: Elianto green tosca S06 nail color

Woohoo duggie duggiieee ^^
I want to show you guys about new brand from malaysia
But, their product many have made in korea / germany

First, because I can't wait any more
I will review one of nail colour that I buy
Next week I will post what I buy in first stand of Elianto in Galaxy Mall

This is what product I use from start untill finish

Clean Hand ^^
*upss... I take a photo when  I watch a korean movies*
you are my pet
funny movies, i watched that third kekekekekek

First at all, don't forget to use base coat

Next step, just be clean to apply a green tosca S06 elianto nail colour
I apply twice to have a nice colour in my finger

And the last I use top coat to make the result more shinny and long lasting

And who always make a terible error and can't wait any longer 
you can use a help finger from etude
^^ that's the final look ^^
I love that coloorr 

soo, see u next week for the next post



  1. aku juga suka help my finger dr etude ini :)

    1. iya nihh ^^ bantu banget bagi kita2 yang pingin cepet kuteksnya kering



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