Monday, February 4, 2013

Review Nail Polish ~ base coat, Etude PP912, top coat, n help my finger

Helooo cherries
Heloo February....
Hopefully I can't wait this review...
I'm already fall in love with nail polish...
And I'm start to greedy to buy another nail polish \^^/

OKeyyy.. lets start

Today I will show you guys about Nail, from the base coat until finish
what product I'm use and what the positive from this product

I always use base coat, coz I'm afraid my hand start to bad nail, and with base coat,... you will make your nail more have a beautiful color
The base coat I'm use from theFACEshop number 02

Next, you can directly use what your color nail polish want..
In here I review about nail polish from Etude PP912
Its really have a beautiful color
I loooveee ittt
The texture is very kind..
Color from mature color it's really good from any skin..
if I see at first, its like "SEMEN" in bahasa 

this the real photo no edit :)

Next I use the top coat from theFACEshop no. 03 
The top coat make your nail polish more long lasting and more shine

The final.. I'm a careless person.. So i never wait any longer my nail polish dry..
I always make mistake in time I'm wait my nail polish done
So I reaaalyy reaaallllyy love this product
Help my Finger from etude.. can make your nail polish done in a second...
and let's startttt parrrrtttteeee..
*uppss hihihihihihi

Just like a tear drop.. with pipet from this product
Its very easy to use, and very usefull.. 

so that's my preview..
i'm still learn english to this blog
sorry if I make many mistake with my terible English kekekkeke

see u next post


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