Sunday, May 26, 2013

Review Etude Look My Eyes -eyeshadow-

Heluuww guys.. a little bit late sunday to review ^^
This time I will review three eyeshadow that I buy march I think...
Thats why I say a little bit late
But its okey..
Because the color that I buy its really show off about spring...
Lets take a look ^^

I buy this eyeshadow before the etude wanna be sweet event at Grand City
Because I want to join in make up class
I must buy 350.000 IDR (around 36$)
I choose buy this eyeshadow because long time I want to play color to my Eyeshadow product
Eyeshadow that I have its always natural color.. if thats not black, brown, or nude color :D
So I really excited I buy this color

The color is really pastel look

The case just from acrilic
Thats makes more cute and we can see whats color its that

Its peachy color
Thats called Look at My Eyes PK003
Really pretty pink peach color
I use twice already and love it for base color

So lets take a look a second one

Its called Look at My Eyes PP502
First look I crazy enough to afraid use this
Because I think it will be really dark
But thats not really dark
Just beauty purple...
If you want to make more dramatic for Smokey Eyes
You can use this color a little bit
Its made your eyes more stand up

its called Look at My Eyes Star Mint GR01
Looks like green color
WOOOWW.... thats my first green eyeshadow
Honestly I not yet try this color
Because I dont have green clothes
But I will try for my underline
I think thats can make your eyes look bright ;) 

SO.... this is the three swacth.. ^^ 
very beautiful right?
I think I love it.. much.. and more
The texture its really nice...
And a little bit shimmery..
But not to muchh
They have Eyeshadow product that more shimmery than this
thats called Look at My Eyes Icing
I want to buy one to try and show you guys.... wait it ;)
Pigmented? of course.. pigmented enough for all day long... but not to stand out color
If you go to party or something important
I have advise to use primer eyeshadow or base eyeshadow :)
Thats make the color more "OUT"

aaaa... almost forgot...
Etude never left the cutieessttt everr
Their eyeshadow have a heart texture 
Can you see that? <3

Back Side

So.. that's it
for my Etude Eyeshadow Review
Hope you enjoy it 
and happy sunday all

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  1. makiinn ke pingiinn >w< gyaaa... u have one new followerr.. would u mind follow me back? if u have a time n u dont mind, hehehe..

    xoxo Tata~

    1. follow back done tata ^^d thank youu dearrrr...

  2. waahhh warnanya baguss tiga2nya >.<
    naksir yg ungu itu **.**

    1. iyaa ^^ cantik warnanyy...
      ayoo ikutan beli jg *ngeracuuunnn* kekekeke

  3. Nengg... ini eye shadow kaga flacky ya kalo eyelidnya berminyak?
    aku kok pernah pake etude jadi begitu, padahal pake eyelid primer dulu... apa gara2 aku panas2an...(-_-)

    1. karena dia shimmery jd agak keliatan texturenya ce. mgkn krn itu :) aku gak pake primer si.. kmrn aku pake seharian gpp ^^

  4. They're all so cute ^^
    I'm following your blog!



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