Sunday, May 19, 2013

Review Pink Talk from Etude House *dare to be brave with shocking pink*

I'm try to be new
try something new
What's that?
Pink colorrr
Really brave colorr

Hmmm... lets take a look
*dugeum dugeum*
*dag dig dug dueaaaarrr*

As always Etude have a cute pink packaging ;)

And always hangul language too ><"

I choose PK015 ;)

I really falling in love with this packaging... have a pink ribbon on it <3

Its look really dark pink right?

Swacth with flash *.*

Without flash
>< sorry for messy background ><

hmm, not bad I think ^^
But I'm sorry I dont have sexy lips..
Its really fit if you have a sexy lips
I really not confidence with my lips *sorry*

This lipstick its reallyyyy mattteeeeeee!!!!!
if you looking for pink color and matte texture..
I suggest you girls must have this "baby"
Its really pigmented... ><
honestly Im afraid with my first look
because to pink
but after take a photo and look for 1 hour
I think its okey ^^

And you can use it alllll daaaayy long
because I find that this lipstick is smudge proof ><
If you want to clean up
I suggest use lips remover :D

*another suggestion*
if you dont want to look to sexy
I'm try to use with lipgloss
How the looks like?
let see ;)

Its still matte... *.*

And now... its look more glossy and elegant look ^^
Just give your face more colour and looks more fresh

Augh... my crazy selca ><d

So,,.. really thank you guys you read untill finish kekkekeke....
Hope you enjoy this post and hope this post will helpfull
please comment down below if you have any question

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See you in next post girls


  1. Hello!, Lip color is beautiful, I will add it to the list of my next buy.
    Greetings from Mexico.

    1. Hello Caroline ^^
      yup... its really pigmented and have a beautiful color



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