Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Feel Pattern with your lovely Android

Yeeepeeii... my phone have new clothes ^^
Yeap.. thats my android phone
I use android lately because I more comfortable to open email, and update blog with my android
Blackberry can help me just for sociate with other.. 
But I feel more comfortable with my LG
Its really dificult to find new clothes for my android
Because There no one use this type in Surabaya 
just a several person..
Several? *o* bad grammer

And this is it
Their fb name is Case Racks
You can opened in this link ^^
I really love find their fb
Not just find my case for my LG
They know that I have blog.. So they give me a looottt discount for my sponsor
I really desperate to find a new case for my LG
And Finally I found it
Thank you Case Racks

This is the package that I receive this evening

Wooaahh.. Im really lovee itt
I love pattern lately
And this rose pattern is really beautiful
I think I can mitch match with my white and jeans 

The packaging

Back Packaging

And the Case \^^/
Inside packaging have screen guard too
I think I will use them later

Beautiful right ^^

My old case.. Which one better? >< 

Thats my reason I want to use Screen Guard later..
My old Screen Guard already disguisting ><"

Huuufff... I never bored look at my new case <3

The detail is so pretty ^^o

Finally... You dont know how I hate my old case TT
Its just one
And thats I got from LG
So have brand LG in my old case

I really love my new case for my LG
Thank you very much Case Racks *hug*

If you have android and want to look something new
you can find Case Racks in facebook
They have a lot case for Android
And their service its really nice ^^

So.. dont you want buy new clothes for your Android? ;)
Hope you enjoy this post and hope this post will helpfull
please comment down below if you have any question

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See you in next post girls 



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