Saturday, May 18, 2013

POTD I'm Blooming and PInk Talk from Etude House

Yeeeiiipp.. POTD
whats that POTD?
Package of the day

I receive package today.. 
package that I order from "M" online shop
actually a several week ago
but I post just now coz I dont have a time to post it
But I take a photo after I receive the package 
So photo that I show you its new fresh from the package

I ordered 2 things that new from Etude House
Thats called I'm Blooming mist and Pink Talk lipstick
All of them its PINK ^^d

Okey, not talk to long.. I will show you guys the package

they always give bubble wrap so I can receive my product safely ^^

And here it is
"M" online shop give the bb cream cotton fit sample
Its really kind, because I just buy 2 product 
thank you "M" ^^ *hug*

And in this post 
this product will be the "STAR"
my skin its really dry, sometimes I feel so risky and feel not comfortable with my skin
so I start to find a mist that can make my skin better
because I to lazy use skin care
Mist is the right choice to who have dry skin and busy schedule
You can bring it anywhere and use it any time

Im Blooming have 3 choice
and I choose Deep Moist one because I want my skin more watering :p

in here write in hangul and I dont know how to read
but I search in internet that how to use
You can just spray right on your face with distance +- 20cm
Its easy right? *^^*

And I really love their packaging
Have flower petals pattern on it
with pastel color
Its really blooming day and you can feel the spring one

And here the product

Have a pump applicator that spray well ^^/

and second product is pink talk lipstick, I will review in next post ^^
wait it girlss
thank you for your love to read this post untill the end
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or you can search my display name is "empuqz" 
see you in next post

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