Thursday, May 9, 2013

Beauty Haul May

Yeap, this my May Beauty Haul
not to much but I do love everything I buy this month
Every product have their own function and make a beautiful finish 

So lets take a look what I got
Half from Etude and half I got from Drugstore "Guardian" in Indonesia
Etude always have many title and season about their product
thats make every girl always want to buy Etude product
I also can't refuse their cuteness and lovely packaging

And about drugstore, many people say if you buy from drugsore Indonesia it will be more expensive
But May is Surabaya Big Sale
So Guardian have many promo that make you want to buy what you want 

From left to right:
Etude BB cream Cotton Fit No2
Maybelline BB Stick 02 Natural
Etude CC cream in Silky
Dear My Blooming Lips Talk PK015
Make Over Face Contour Kit
I'm Blooming Deep Moisture Mist ( I'm already use this product every single day, I will review soon)

 And this is not necesary but I'm really want to share something with you guys
Aqua water have new look ^^
take a look
Its so diferent

I found this package really can steal our heart
How you can't love and like this product
Its so Indonesia to ^^
I love my country

I buy this from Grand City, you can check out there ^^

So its so late night now...
See you tomorrow, I will post again tomorrow

Bye2 ^^


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