Friday, May 3, 2013

Late April Haul

Hi guys... 
Im sorry for my late april haul..
Im very busy and tired in end of April
So, not say to long..
Just enjoy my April Haul ^^

My First Package 

Yeap.. Inside Package thats have 2 latex pants
or you can say leather pants that I order a month a go

I love this pants
They really confortable
not to thin and not to thick ^^

A second pants its brown color
Really beautiful
As you can see, in the side have spandex so can make you more confortable to use
because the second pants more thicker than the first one

Second package actually its sponsor ^^
they from White Glam

This is their bag

And you can find them in PTC ^^d

I say not because they give me this product but really
their service is great
quick respon and really nice ^^
they give me two product
one of them now is my favorite of the month
I use that every day 
Im tottaly falling in love
The second thing, I forget to take a picture.. but you can find it at my Instagram :)

yeap.. this is my favorite
Studded Shoes
I already want studded shoes for a long time
But I cannot find the right one
Because they really similar from the other
But this one...
I just feeling different
First, their studded not silver color. They come in black so make this shoes not to tacky
You can use them daily and more casual
But if you want they look glamour they can be it too
thats the second reason
becuse if you can see, between studded, have glitters that can make this shoes looks expensive and glamour
actually its really cheap
just around 19$, or IDR 
So this is my fav now kekekeke :p

Its really confortable to use ^^

Now.. Clothes, its from H OL shop 
I buy them five because they give a special price if you buy 5 

First I got is blouse. Its really beautiful purple 

The second is hot pants

Thats for the look :)

I love the detail for this pants..

You can just wear it for dailly look

The third one 

4th.. heheheh...

I love this one. They fit at me perfectly :*

 And this is my fav shirt..

So this is ribbon look *aiiihhh*

Now next package..
Yeap,, I know
So many...
I keep them from start April until End April to show you guys what I got this month

Have 2 things *whats thaaatt*

I have and buy so many blouse, because Im a teacher. 
I dont know thats become a habit
But i hate the feeling that I use the same clothes in several days
So I have many blouse that can make me have a diferent color to my students
so they not bored to me *stupid reason right?* ><"

 Okey, Im really surprise that this blouse is really nice to me
Im not expect to much for this blouse

Shoeeess again :p
I weak look at shoes and bag you know TT

But i dont have regret to buy this shoes

Because I dont have red shoes
and They so lovely one <3

Its just a necessary :p
I buy properties for our photocorner
and I try on to my BF :p kekekeke
he's so cutteee right? hihihihi
I miss him now..
he going picnic with his office at bali untill monday TT

so thats my all haul... 
I must to accompany my mother to go now..
I promise have another post this night..
just wait me sunshine
now its late nite shopping at surabaya b^^d
See you 
so much love for you guys



  1. Waaaw!! Itu yg Hai Ruo shoes beli dimana? Lucuuu... ○⊙○ ♥

    Feel free to follow back my blog :
    Thankieess ^,^

    1. online shop dear... :) kalau g salah white shoes namanya

  2. Nice haul :)
    salam kenal katherin ^^



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