Sunday, March 24, 2013

Fashion Haul for Miracle March + sneakpeak about first GIVEAWAY

Happy Sunday my little sunshine
What do you do to close this week
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Several people go to church to celebrate a palm sunday if I'm not wrong
so happy palm Sunday

This month I reaalllyyy have a crazy mind maybe
I don't know why
but I'm already buy a loooooottt off things
*now maybe I only can close my eyes..... and my wallet kekekekke*

so, I dont want what I buy just a waste 
and only I can see what it that
I will show you guys what I got
not just only show, but I will give you guys a little bit from I got
*clap your handss allll.. this is my FIRST giveaway...

First dress is from miu miu
I don't often buy a branded dress
But, in april my cousin enggage and may my bestfriend wedding
so I choose to buy this dress.. I'm falling love in my first sight I look this dress
Actually this dress in size S but a little bit bigger so I send this dress to tailor and make a little bit smaller

I buy this dress from my friend's boutique
I dont buy often in there cause the price a little bit expensive
I just walk around front of her boutique and falling in love the detail from this dress
And I really love PINK from this dress
This dress quite exprensive
It's +- 65$

Second dress is from online shop..
I dont like and never buy a bodycon or press body dress
Cause I dont have a great body kekkekekek
But my boyfriend is freaking out like this dress
And I actually love the color combination ^^
its really pretty right?
This adoreble dress have a adorable price
17$ (

I really love hoddie
And this simple hoddie have a great fabric..
just for 12$ (
you can bring home this cute hoddie
I buy this one from online shop too
They give me a discount if buy 3
more you buy, more you can get discount
and their name its look like this blog ^^

This one i got from cherry collectionzz too ^^
I found this skirt at Pasar Atum mall its about
But I got just from cherry collectionzz
And because I buy 3 items. they give a discount... each product just

The last, I choose black one.. 
Its quite simple but have a detail that make this blouse looks more elegant
I love it

To many picture... I will show you guys how if I wear it...
^^d stay tune

eheemm... about giveaway.. I will upload the picture what you got from this giveaway tomorrow
in my ACC haul post..
don't worry.. you will not regret it
I make sure you will like it  *^^*
and just for a sneak peak
you will got
1 hot pants
1 bracelet
1 earring
1 nail polish
and whats more...
you will see tomorrow ^.~

how to be a winner?
very easy...
just follow me in google friend connect (GFC)
and comment (positive/negative comment) in my every post
I really want to know about you guys ^^
I dont use any program to choose a winner
so I will read every comments and check it by my self

so see you tommorow

Sunday, March 17, 2013

March beauty haul ^^

Hi sweetheart...
I'm sorry about my late beauty haul
this is my first post about Haul...
I'm still learn about blog
Hope you guys bear with me. ^^

A couple days before,
I can't touch my internet
* yes, my house dont use wifi...
My brother play about monopoli onlinee
what the wuuufff....
I amaze him, how can he play a long day like that... 

So this what I got in march

whoaaahh so manyyy?
My wallet regret it now...
But not my blog..
I hope I can share about anything for you guys

More detail
This is from Etude

I got:
3 Look at my Eyes PP502 ( purple ), Star Mint GR01, PK003 (soft pink)
3 Petit darling Nails
I buy this two from Counter Etude Grand City

Rose Kabuki Brush

I Miss U lip balm

Sweet Recipe Choco Chip cookie pact

Ettoinette Crystal Shine Lips PPK002

This is from Elianto
I already talk a little bit about this brand
I got:
3 Nail Polish * i have already review one color before ^^

Elianto CURVEE Eyeliner Pen

Natural Mineral loose eye shadow in Gold03

Elianto Bamboo and Apple mint nail colour remover
*this product is really awesome, i will review soon*

and of course I got DOLL GIFT from Elianto
coz I spend 200.000 ( about 20$ ) 

Already my third bootle kekekkeke.....

I start to freaking love scent candle hahahha...
Its all because Bubz, some one who really inspire me a lot...
She a beauty guru from youtube.. She have a lot message what's really important.. Not just a beauty..
And she love candle
This is first time I bought a candle, I bough from Informa cause they have a candle sale
But I got wrong desicion.. They SALE this product because have a long time no one bought this product
First I smell, this candle have a great smell..
But at home I lit the candle, it didn't work, it didn't smell at all TT
But I know something now, If you want to buy a candle with a great and many choice
You must buy at ACE not Informa hahahahha
*that's what my friend says*

"Book Time"
I got this book from Togamas, you will got more discount if you have student card ^^
and this is really cool book...
you must have it, I will review soon what's book is this

Who don't know Dahlan Iskan in Indonesia?
but now, I will show you guys about Dahlan Iskan from Freddy H Istanto's eyes
Actually I know about Mr. Freddy * a little bit
and I really proud of him..
He really love his country, not just love but also Expand what he love
I will tell later... Because this post will not enough if I want to tell about Mr Dahlan and Mr Freddy..

So,,... this is the HAUL from March
what do you want to know guys?
please comment below...
I will review soon ^^

see you later

Friday, March 8, 2013

New Brand: Elianto..

Hi sweetheart
Long time no see ^^
I can't believe that already past February, and now is magically march
Hope you guys have a lot happiness and healty
( I think I have a lot wrong with my Englishh, am I right?)

First I see, the name of someone, boy? 
But I wrong,, big wronggg wkwkwkwkwkw

derived from the word “sunflower” in Italian, inspired by the unique combination of striking beauty and utility symbolised by the flower.elianto is a brand synonymous with gentle skincare products, enriched with nourishing and soothing botanical extracts, complemented with a vibrant range of colour cosmetics which brings out the best of sparkling eyes, rosy cheeks and adorable lips. Our aim is to deliver the best of nature in cosmetics with the finest quality natural ingredients at an affordable price. Think Natural, Beauty, Affordable. Think elianto.

That's Elianto...

"Delivering nature best in cosmetics,
using the finest quality of

so, Stop for just talking 
This their product

Eye Shadow, they have a lot color ^^


Thats their best product ^^
Did you ever see this product?
Yeaaahh, its like NYX, but its more priceless
No thinking, I take one
Review? Coming soon guys ;)


If you guys from Surabaya
You can find this product at Centro Galaxy Mall
I'm sorry not taking picture about their place TT

That what I got in my first attemp

Their product really have pretty package, and price? just arround 20.000 - 110.000
I really love their nails color.. Have many different color and have a good price
If you can't find their product..
you can buy by online

But if you buy at Galaxy, they have a grand opening promotion
if you buy 200.000 ( +- 20$ ) you can get this cute dool

So hope you guys enjoy this post ^^
see you tomorrow...


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