Friday, March 8, 2013

New Brand: Elianto..

Hi sweetheart
Long time no see ^^
I can't believe that already past February, and now is magically march
Hope you guys have a lot happiness and healty
( I think I have a lot wrong with my Englishh, am I right?)

First I see, the name of someone, boy? 
But I wrong,, big wronggg wkwkwkwkwkw

derived from the word “sunflower” in Italian, inspired by the unique combination of striking beauty and utility symbolised by the flower.elianto is a brand synonymous with gentle skincare products, enriched with nourishing and soothing botanical extracts, complemented with a vibrant range of colour cosmetics which brings out the best of sparkling eyes, rosy cheeks and adorable lips. Our aim is to deliver the best of nature in cosmetics with the finest quality natural ingredients at an affordable price. Think Natural, Beauty, Affordable. Think elianto.

That's Elianto...

"Delivering nature best in cosmetics,
using the finest quality of

so, Stop for just talking 
This their product

Eye Shadow, they have a lot color ^^


Thats their best product ^^
Did you ever see this product?
Yeaaahh, its like NYX, but its more priceless
No thinking, I take one
Review? Coming soon guys ;)


If you guys from Surabaya
You can find this product at Centro Galaxy Mall
I'm sorry not taking picture about their place TT

That what I got in my first attemp

Their product really have pretty package, and price? just arround 20.000 - 110.000
I really love their nails color.. Have many different color and have a good price
If you can't find their product..
you can buy by online

But if you buy at Galaxy, they have a grand opening promotion
if you buy 200.000 ( +- 20$ ) you can get this cute dool

So hope you guys enjoy this post ^^
see you tomorrow...



  1. pernah denger dari blogger malaysia-singapore
    hmm jadi tertarik, sayangnya solo belum ada ya :-(

    1. mereka melayani onlineshop kok ^^
      kalau mw titip aku bisa jg ;) klo sempat aku belikan skalian...
      bisa email ke

  2. Curveenya bagus ngga >.< Kapan-kapan kalau ke GM lagi mampir ah~ :3

    1. bagus kok ^^ warnany black bgt..
      enak pakenya...



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