Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Review and "Selca" Hair tool Bang Style from Etude House

Night sweetheart
Who's like me?
Who get fat enough lately? ><
Im getting fat and fattt
chubby cheecks TT

yep.. thats me...
I want to cut off so I have a bang
But I not brave enough
I afraid that I look more fat than before
Coz I know, bang can make you look more fat 

So I decided to buy this one
The saviour of my life :p
Hair tools Bang Style from Etude House
I really happy found this one
With this "BANG" I can use when I want to look more cute
And if I have bad hair day, or boring with bang
I just take off them ^^

Are you curious kittie?
Come on, lets take a look
I get this when I use EH member card for my birthday
about price? its 130$
Not to pricey if you look the quality

In behind write how to use it too
Just like hairclip
Its very easy to use
If you look my previous video
Its exactly the same

So "SELCA" time :p
Cherries, without bang

I really addicted with blue color lately
Its about eyeshadow too ;)
Blue its really easy to apply
You can use for formal activity, or simple activity



Just dont brave enough

Okey, this is itt!!!!!
Me.... with "BANG"


How do you think girls?
Which one more suitable for me?
With bang? or without bang?
Please comment down bellow
I really like read and reply one by one your attention


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  1. Replies
    1. thank you rinnn ^^ gak pede benernya >< heheheh

  2. aihh aku lebih suka yg pake poni soalnya keliatan lebih imuuuut~ ah endak gak keliatan gendut sama sekali kok, pantes lho <3

  3. poni bikin wajah jadi imut dan younger, jadi aku lebih suka yang berponi ce, hehe ^^

    1. thank you dev.. iya ni... shock pertama liat kok jd kyk boneka creppy.. mgkn krn blm kebiasaan kali y ^^ terakhir ponian SMA

  4. Ya ampyun... Chubby dr mana nya.. Lbih chubby aq aq... Haha... Cute banget kok pke bang itu... Hehe... Aq jg pnya bang tp wrnanya dark brown... :p

    1. wuagh... chubby bgt aku say.. itu efect photonya 45' jd kliahatan kurus huahahahhaa ><
      aku dpilihin mbaknya yg deep black ><

  5. yang gak pake poni cantik..
    tpi yg pke poni imut >< <3



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