Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Review and How to use Color Hairclip

Hi my all little sunshine...
How are you today?
Today its windy at Surabaya
Quite windy that enough to looks like "Monroe" xp
*pst if you wear mini skirt ><

This post its quite different from before
Its about hair


I found strangely too when first time look at Strawberry
How this creppy hairclip sell in there
But after look around 15 minutes
I decided to try that Hairclip

How does look that strange Hairclip
No problem.. I will show you girls

I bought 5 Hairclip
blue, green, blondy, and Magenta
2 Long, and 3 short one ^^

And I decided to make tutorial video about How to use this Haiclip
Hope can help you a lot


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