Monday, July 1, 2013

Review Tarte Amazon Escape Pallete

Hi my sweetheart...
Im backkk
Already a week I'm not posting anything...
As I say before. 
I go to holiday at Bali
for 4 days..
But turn out I have cold after go home
And worse day by day..
Until now I still have cough.. But I really miss you all.. so I will post a little bit review.. But did't have time and energy to make video for this review
Forgive me guys TT

This time I will review about pallete that my bestfriend bejo send me from US
I have my post about that package in here if you want to remeber or see again

This pallete from Tarte.. maybe thats not famous as Naked Pallete
So I will show you guys about this pallete..
Tarte always have a beautiful and chic package
And this time too
They have a name..
They called Amazon Escape...
ABout the packaging, I will not say much..
Its really addorable
with quite cheap price I think if you see naked pallete
Naked pallete its quite pricey
This pallete its around 35-40$

So lets take a look

Its really looks like their name.. amazon
So they use a snake skin for the packaging

I do love their packaging
You can also use for clutch if you want ^^
they looks like wallet too

 So this is how to opened..
You just push the tarte symbol

and its opened \^^/

They give you card too, thats about how to use eyeshadow with this pallete

 Second thing thats I love from this pallete..
They have a biiiigg mirror ^^
As you can see have me to take a photo there :p

They have 2 blush and 6 eyeshadow 

First bluch its more coral color.. ^^ and they have a little shimmer on it
I really love this one.. 
Thats really similar from my fav blush, benefit balla bamba

The second blush more pinky than before.. And more softly :)

Which one you more like it? ^^

First eyeshadow more looks like white on it..
You can use it for highlighter too ^^ and they really matte

I do love this part.. And I just use it for my all over eyelids..
So if you add more color.. that color can more pop on your eyes

Third one its more bronze and have shimmery on it

its more nature look. If you dont like xtreme hightlighter..
You can use this color ^^

This time a little bit similar with third one
But this time more goldy color

And my fav part its the last one
They really vivid matte purple color
They really pigmented ^^
not inferior with urban decay pallete

Overall I like it..
Especially the blush on...
Tarte its really have famous blush on
So I think this pallete its really worth it

So thats it for this time
I hope I can post normally from tomorrow.
Hope I can recover soon ^^

thank you for read my blog guys..
I really love you all.. And hope I can always give you happiness and my experience too ;)

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  1. duh cantik banget pekejing nya *banci pekejing* Lol :p

  2. this is a pretty palette :) never tried a product from tarte but i heard they're good :)

    -you have a lovely blog by the way.take care! :)


    1. thank you dear ^^ *hug*
      tarte have a good blush i think.. its really pretty



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