Sunday, April 28, 2013

Surprise from my bestiiieeee "BEJOH" *^^*

wuoaaahh.. whoottss thaatt..
thats first I look
Is this really mine?
All of that?

Yep.. its mine...
Thats from my bestiieee
thank you so much bejooohh you send me thiiss
*cium peluk ribuan kali*

I actually have some product that want her to help me buy it
and thats maybelline product
because dont sell in Indonesia..
And I really want to try 
But Im really surprise that she send me a looottt

the product is
Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Beauty Balm Skin Protector
Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Nude Balm Air Foam
Maybelline Age Rewind Eraser Darkspot Treatment Corrector
Sexy Little Stoaways from Benefit
And make up Pallete from "Tarte"

So which one you want me to review first?
Comment below guys
I will Read All Of That one by one ^^d

See you next post


  1. Nenggggggg... ngiri liat benefitmuuu sexy little stowaways
    Itu aku barusan bulan lalu nyari d Sephora malay, d mana2 kaga ada stock....

    1. hehhehehe... aku titip temennya adikny cece yg di amrik ^^d smp sekarang blm kesentuh. sayang bgt soalnya :p



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