Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Play a Tribal pattern with from Head to Toe ;)

Did you ready to play tribal?

So let's get started...

First, I never have pattern clothes.
Especially dress one
I'm afraid to weird

But I'm really love it at first I saw this dress
I buy at the stylish by sally..
because they maybe have some clothes that other sell to
but, Sally's have a good deal with service and their fabric is different
I never been dissapointed  ^^

And. I guess I'm not wrong buy this dress
Its really loveble. Good of course. 
I dont look weird but stunning.
Because other afraid play pattern too

So I will safe the final look later
First I will show you guys about my make up
That night was my cousin engagement
They held in Java Paragon, Ahyat Abalone Surabaya
Its really nice place 

So I decided to use a simple make up
Because my dress will be not simple enough
hehehehhe :p

with flash
I just play a purple and black color for eyeshadow 
purple color from etude
and black from naked urban decay
eyeliner, I prefer choose gel liner. Because can make more natural than you expected

without flash

for lipstick, I use from Etude Ettoinete series.. 
I love this color. Not to pink but can give your face more color

for accecoris
This earring sponsor from Cherry Collectionzz
They have a lot collectionzz that you want it
Full package,
Earing, Necklaces, Bracelet, Hats, Scraft, Dress and etc.. 
I love shopping in their online shop..
you can find their shop in this link

This bracelet come from cherry collectionzz to ^^
and my fav watch

For nails, I use from revlon in red wine color 

For bag, I choose black one.
With envelope style
They can balance your dress with their simple look
Its more look elegance

Shoes, I choose a broken white one
Because my dress have a broken white for basic color
Its really cute right?
This my fav shoes this month

So this is the Final Look
*ouch, blur one*

And this is review for my cousin engagement
I found my crazy time and my Narcism Time with my cousin kekekkeke
*okey, I look so fat TT, time to diet I think?*

Can you see the bald one?
actually he is the one who engagedment wkwkkwkw
And we took a picture in front of him.. Busy with our self with a big narcism

Aahh, I can see my brother in right with a pink ^^d
Love you broo...

With my crazy and sweet cousin
Which one more prettier?
You can comment below ^^

With my daddy ;)
So this is the last one for this post
Hope you enjoy my narcism with my cousin
and make you more brave to try something different

See you later guys

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