Sunday, July 21, 2013

FOTD cute pastel feel cherries

Hi sunshine....
I'm back with my FOD
This time just bear with my childish look
I know...
I'm 24 years old ><

For tittle..
I choose for pastel feel
As you can see
I use blue pastel dress..
with white bowie blouse for inner

For hair.. I just curl my hair.. when I finish my side ponytail
Just curl in the end for the cuter look

Give more attention with big bowie pinky from daiso
*ups.. i'm sorry for my wide forehead >"<*

 for bag.. I bring my white tory bag
Any one watch K-drama rooftop prince
woman actress wear this bag.. so I decided to buy it
Have a cute tory pin side of bag
*exclude.. my big rabbit keychain
Actually thats not keychain, its pencil holder xp
But I like to use it for keychain too

Yeap.. this is my big bowie white blouse
This blouse older than me 
I get that from my mom
My mom bought in her senior high school time
How old are they
Its still cute right?
because made in japan, its really good quality ^^

For shoes I use kets shoes from payless
I buy this one in sale..
Just in a day..
And accidentally I go to payless
They have 50% off
So I get this shoes just 65.000 (7$)
Its very cheap ^^

Just for information
I take a photo very late night after shopping ><
TKP: GM rooftop

So thank you guys you bear with my tired face ><

Hope you like this post and give you new inspiration for your next FOTD

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