Sunday, July 28, 2013

FOTD and a little bit haul for late night shopping with Cherries

Hi girls...
Happy Monday ><
Night monday 

Im sorry I post too late in the night
Im just go home 
Yesterday I have go to mall and I think just post about my FOTD and my "little" haul at Matahari
Because they have many promotion *kyaaaaaa

Here we gooo!!!!!

I'm sorry it will be many my crazy selca >"<

For my eyes, I just use a pencil shadow from Collection at Blue color
just matching it with my dress, see? ^^
And for lips I use a bright coral color 

For hair, just curl in the end of your hair... 
Thats make a beautiful simple curl.. More natural look ^^d

Bracelet Tory Bangle
Watch My fav Alexandre Christie watch

If you dont like the same color for your entire outfit like me
Use a bright color to less boring color
I brought red "Dior" bag 

And for honestly, I'm crazy enough at Tony Moly counter ><

For dress, I use Sailor look from White Glam Boutique
*will post about my clothes haul from White Glam soon

And bonus photografer's photo who run away when I take photo for him
*he is my lovely brooo <3
thank you broooo *muachhh

And this all my haul >< *xtreme stres now

2 Snail mask from Tony Moly *its a gift
Cats Wink Powder Pack from Tony Moly

Max Factor Master Touch Under eye concealer
Tony moly Eyebrow pencil at Black Brown

Max Factor lipstick in Bewitching Coral 827
L'oreal Lip butter in Pretty Peach 

 Tony moly D02 Nail Polish Diamond in Copper
L'oreal Lucent Magique in Pure Honey

And this is the winner, I really love how gold are they >< with a little bit bronze color

Pst, I found a great drink girls, its really delicious and fresh
You should try this out ^^d

So thats it,,,
thank you for watching untill the end...
I'm really happy have you all to share something about me


if you dont mind

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  1. Nice haul dear :)
    Dressnya cantik :)

  2. Replies
    1. iya nihhh riinnn >< jrg bgt tony moly diskon dsini.. plg banyak pun 10% ^^

  3. Loreal pretty peach naa, bagus tak kath?? *wink

    1. bagus taa... tapi g sepigmented maybelline... lbh byk glitternya...
      dan yg aku suka soalnya g berbau ^^/ jd pakenya lbh nyaman

    2. hwahwa.. iah yg maybelline agak ad bau ap nya gt, whaa.. yg loreal lebi glitter yhap??

    3. Iy in sheer gtu ta... jd kilap bgt.. g tll pigmented warnanya
      klo whisper kan memang terkenal lip butter tapi pigmented bgt ^^

  4. Ahh cantik dressnya :)
    Nice haul kath :) ditunggu review lorealnya..

    1. thank you sha ^^
      pastiii... coming soon ;)

  5. Hello dear! Wow, I love the pencil eyeliner in blue, it is beautiful~!! I am so in love with blue eyeliners lately, I have a gel eyeliner in navy and it's gorgeous too! Looking forward to reviews of thoseeee haul items!

    <3 Celly

    1. Hi Celly ^^
      Yep me too dear.... Its really easy to use and bright enough you eyes ;)
      Of course, kindly follow my GFC so you can see for review

      thank you

  6. nice haul, suka deh sama dress sailornya :D

  7. Ehh, sdh dipake glam crystal nya yah hihihihi, ayo di review :D

    1. Ehhh yg pencil ya, sorry salah baca kirain yg glam crystal hahaha

    2. hehehe.. iy min ^^ suka bgt
      plg suka aku pencil eyeshadownya
      pasti... ;) aku uda review lipsticknya dl...



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