Monday, July 8, 2013

IBB challage "Alter Ego"

Alter Ego...
Its our own creation
More creative and more addictive
I love IBB 

This time with Maybelline as a sponsored
They give us a unique tittle
maybe look easy
But make me more thinking about what I want to do with my make up

So, lets take a look
My "ALter Ego"
This my three times I join IBB
Hope I can win this time
Coz I really love the Maybelline product
And hope you like it
My tutorial

Today I have a little time 
So I make the youtube tutorial too for my look

For my first look
I choose my natural ulzaang look
this is me that all people around me know about me
cheerful, cute, and simple make up
You can also use for your daily make up

But in my inner, I have naughty side too
I love create my own make up with bold color
I love bold make up
Reddish, Sexy cute, and thrilling feel

So which one you like?
My natural side?
Or my naughty side? 
please comment down below so I know about you all more

For video tutorial, you can check it out here
Please subscribe if you love and like it if you want *for all my love to you all
without my reader and follower.. 
Maybe I'm not like this today

If you want to join this challage
I write the link down below
and IBB facebook here 

And if you like
please follow my GFC and blogvin
my blogvin here
and if you have instagram you can follow me here
or you can find my display name is "cherries_katherin"


Ups.. just want to share
I never expect that I can reach like this
my first post just want to share about me
But now, I do love this blog
soo much
thank you for all my reader and follower 
Hope I can share more that I know 
Especially about fashion, beauty, and lifestyle


  1. kerennnnn... kacamatanya bikin makin keren jugaaaa.. sukakkk dehhh good luck yaaa

    1. thank youuu saaannn ^^
      iya.. kacamata fav ni... kyk kacamatanya boboho dulu

  2. Replies
    1. hihihihi... iya kak... entah mamaku jantungan g ya klo liat aku gtu :p

  3. kacamatanya keren :)
    nice make up ^^

  4. naughty side hehe XD
    keren2 sis ^^ rapi bgt eye makeupnya :D

  5. kacamatanya kaya lady gaga! ahaha make upnya keren, so bold and red-ish look. my fave!

    1. thank you dear... ^^d iya nii... wkt beli tapi blg nya kacamata boboho loo :p

  6. rock n roll abissss looknyaaaa wkwkwkwk

    Would you like to follow each other blog on

    1. thank you dear ^^
      dgn senang hatiii
      yuk follow each other ^^

  7. wah.. keren, aq jd ikutan jg. haha..
    kita sesama newbie.

  8. Love the looks! Jadinya beda banget, sesuai sama temanya hehe..

  9. Hai sista, aku lg buka PO utk brand korea dan US
    Peripera, NYX, Skinfood, Faceshop, Missha, Etude,Innisfree,Lioele, dll
    Original dan harga oke banget pokoknya, cek dulu yukkk.. ^__^

    Thank u and sorry for spam. :)

  10. Uhuyy, manteb tuh kacamata and make up nya:)


    1. thank you Rifka ^^ yuk d follow GFCnya...
      bakalan ad giveaway lo dalam waktu dekat

  11. Cocok kalo km pake lipstick merah gitu say :D
    Cakep banget >.<

    1. hehehhe... thank you ra... cmn sehari2 g brani masihan pake gtu :p



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