Monday, June 3, 2013

Revlon Haul

Hi girls...
Not long a go I just write the post right?
*actually its yesterday hihihihihi
I write as soon as posibble because this week I have a time to do
But I dont know about end of june
coz I have a holiday with my family

So lets take a look 
I have Revlon Haul several ago
It's mean "KALAP di MALAM HARI"
I go to CITO at 8.30 
Just for accompany my brother
But end to Me who have a big shopping in late night TT
Its quite a lot right?
Its just a lipstick and nail polish

I search a pink nail polish for a long time.. But i didn't find the right one
Just once I take a look Revlon nail polish
And I already falling in love with a second
Its just perfect for my imagine
I hope will be perfect when I try this at home too
In the right one its Super Top Speed

Revlon launching a new nail polish
All of them is a TOP SPEED series
which is have a dry fast ^^ 
* I will review this product soon *

This one is Color Stay Soft & Smooth series
I choose the nude look one, because I still dont have a nude lipstick

Okey, this one actually recomended from revlon SPG
I love the concept of this product
And I choose the orange one *that behind
But SPG says that which in front will have a best result 
I already say dont like it
But she keep says thats better than other
SO i will try and end up to buy it...
Lets take a look the result later ^^

All of them spend my entire money that night 
But I love every each product ^^
not to expensive I think
coz I have 5 product to bring to go home
its around 35$ 

So thats it...
Just a simple and shorter haul from me 

please comment down below which one you have try maybe or like it to I'm reviewing first 
I happy to ready every comment that you write and I do my best to reply every comment

So see you in my next post ^^
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