Sunday, June 2, 2013

OOTD with Jamstreet Diamond One Piece

Hi girls ^^
Today I just have a simple dinner with my boyfriend
Nothing special.. Just another couple, we hang out just two of us
And I just want to share what I wear today..
Coz I get this look from CUbox that I receive yesterday


Im sorry for blurring picture.. 
Its take from my android instagram ><
Top: Jamstreet Diamond One Piece from Cubox
Inner: Lace skirt 
Belt : Neon Stunning Belt
Bag: Neon studded bag from Panda olshop
Shoes: Dog pout shoes from Panda olshop

We eat at The Rocks Underground 
I choose eat dory fish and potato chips
I didn't eat some heavy coz I dont feel good with my stomach tonight

And for dessert We just order Chocoholic Pancake ^^
So delicious

Aahh, for ACC I decided to use Panda Necklaces ^^
They have a black and white themes too

Watch And Bracelet with Black and White diamond

For hair.. I just keep simple with fake braid look
Its not braid... If you curious about this hair.. Please let me know
And comment down below ^^

And this is what I get... ^^
My boyfriend it not a shopaholic type like me
But today, He just realise that I too tired lately...
And He bought me a dress and two things that I want for a long time
I'm so surprise that he can spend of money without thinking
Just thinking of me
Because he always thinking first if want to buy or do something
SO really thank you for tonight omm... ^^d
I have a great dinner tonight

Okey.. Just this that I want to share this night
Hope you enjoy it..
And if you like
please follow my GFC and blogvin
and if you have instagram you can follow me here
or you can find my display name is "empuqz"

Gud night

Ahhhh.. and I want to thanks to CUbox who share my blog.. ^^
Its surprise me a lot

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