Saturday, June 8, 2013

POTD from Panda, freaking new doggie look style for shoes

Hi girls
See you again in my post
Just for info POTD is package of the Day ;)
This time is also my simple haul too from panda olshop
I just want to share some photo that I took when I receive a package
I really excited coz they really freaking adorable
I can say anithing anymore
Panda always have a cute and good collections
Okey let's take a look first

First thing that I receive is Neon Bag
if you follow me in Instagram
Maybe you already knew coz this bag is my fav untill now
I already looking for neon bag
And finally I got it ^^/

I love bag when it is have chain for long strap..
But hately That "chain" is hurt me a lot 
And I really love this bag coz in shoulder area have leather part
So that can't hurt your shoulder

The detail... I love studded and neon
SO this bag is so perfect for me

The second thing that I got is doggie look shoes
I'm crazy about this shoes
Its really cute right?
Quite Good
its really comfy
I already use it 4 times
And its doesn't matter
I got in 37 size

wuuughhh :3

The third one is actually the same shoes but in different color and size
I got this for my best friend's birthday
Hope she will like it

So this is the look when I use it ^^

So this is it
Hope you enjoy it
and always enjoy my post *huuugg*

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