Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Haul from Om in June ^^

Hi sweetheart
I really miss you all 
How about you?
Do you miss me? 
*get slapped*

Just a week ago
I just have a dinner with my BF
I post about my OOTD in that day
And actually my BF bought me quite a lot if you know him
And know he is not typical buy something just because I want it
And I just want to share about what I got that day 

Yepp.. I got three things in different store
Nyla, The face Shop, and The Body Shop

 First that I got is from The Face Shop

Not a make up.. Just a basic things that I need 
Its sponge for after you rinse your face with water
I learn this from bubz beauty in youtube
That can make your face more dehidrated
So I try sponge from The Face Shop
Its come in white color... And I think It will be very usefull
I dont try yet coz I already sick for several days TT
The price its quite cheap
+- 2.5$ 

 Second things its from The Body Shop

Its call Lightening Touch 
I really want this product for a long time
But always off stock in Indonesia
But they haveee ittt... Finally.... \^^/
I use it like use concealer... 
I already try this and satisfied with the result ^^,
I will write the review soon 

 The last things is dress...

Actually he not really want to buy me this one.. Coz I already have many dress
But after I try this out.. He like it...
And need 1 hour to decided to buy this dress ^^
They have a snake pattern
If you look deeply
It's a little bit creepy
But overall
I like the shape from this dress
Its fit on me perfectly
If you follow my Insta maybe you already saw me already use this dress

Okey.. thats it for my post this time
Hope See you again tomorrow..
I try to post every day start from tomorrow
Coz I will be absent from Monday..
Thats a holiday time

But dont worry... I will write down my Bali holiday soon after I go home
*so excited to wait Monday*
The tittle for my Holiday is KULINERRRR
Yep... Its will be about eat eat and eat 

So see you tomorrow guys

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