Wednesday, June 19, 2013

IBB challage : Color Your Style with my XTREME Cat Eyes

Hi girlss...
See u again
As I promise I upload my post again
And this time I will try IBB Challage 
Especially for my cousin Cla
She who persuaded me to join this time

As you can see I choose orange and pink this time
Thats really perfect for summer and I really love this color
 The key is how pink color pop out and show how naughty your eyes
And maskara... =^^=
Thats really help out to show your eyes more look bigger without eyelashes
I dont use eyelashes coz its will be erase the naughty color

Its for lips too
In top I use orange color
And bottom I use pink color
Maybe you not to dare try this out
But it will be turn beautifully
Thats look more nature look more than you use orange in all
or pink in all

Pout Timee
*i'm sorry if you feel sick coz look my narcism photo ><

Soo.. see u later guys
I will upload step by step in my youtube channel soon ^^
hope you like this make up

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