Monday, June 3, 2013

Wishlist June

Hi sweetheart.. ^^
Today I will post something different
I just found interesting in another blog that they share about something they want
So, I will share about my wishlist too 
Hope you can just simple enjoy it...
Please comment down below if we have same interest or maybe you like what I want in wishlist too

 I fans of sneaker... ANything about theme I love sneaker
And I still search the white one.. ANd I think that white sneaker in top is addorable enough ^^ they have pearl in little heels.. 

Maybe you look at first, why I want to use spring theme.. But all of them have a short theme.. So i think it will be perfect for summer ^^

Waaahh.. so many that I want to buy ^^ I hope just can have them all
If you guys have product in top. And already use them...
Come on girls.. Lets share in here ^^ let me know about you too

So see you in my next post ^^
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or you can find my display name is "empuqz"

Gud night

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