Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Review Etude Look at my Lips series in number 2,3, and 4

Hi dear
Long time no see
Im a little bit lazy several days...
And addicted to edit video
Wait for my new video
Its collaboration with new line cosmetics in Indonesia
"Zoya Cosmetics"

Okey, so this time I just wondering
what package it is?
My friend Lady Fox told me that Etude have some product will be discontinue and
they just give us a big discount

No thinking anymore, with her help..
I bought some, will other promotions too *from theFaceShop

The package arrive safely, I got it from Pos Indonesia ^^

Now for the product
Yeap, thats is
From Look at My lips Collection
They have SALE, you bought three.. Just 15$
5$ each.. and include delivery to Indonesia
Its cheap right?

I got mine in *from left number 2,3, and 4
I got confused to choose
They have 16 color collection
For number 2 and 3.. I already like it when Sunny Dahye mention in her video
But number 4.. Its suggestions from Lady Fox ^^

And SWATCH time ^^
Its beautiful color..
Im happy with all of them
Its wearable
Sweet Feeling and Sweet Smell
I never like how USA drugstore lipstick smell
But always love Etude lipstick smell
Because if not smell like fruit, it will be smell like candy
 Its mousturising enough too
With Sheer looking
No.2 Its more coral color
No.3 Its coral with reddish tone
No.4 Pale baby pink 

Three of them, you can use it for daily
Coz its more natural looking


So thats it for today
Hope you like it and see u tommorow
Promise new video 
#finger cross


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  1. ak punya yg no 9 kathh.. ekkekekke.. affordable price yoo.. addict sama lips etude wkakwkka.. packaging na lucu" hohoho


    1. Iyaa niii ^^ siapa yg kuat melawan Etude >< hihihihi


  2. Replies
    1. iya shaa,,.. mpe bgg milih 3 mau milih yang mana ><

  3. aihh warnanya cakep2 semua *o*

  4. cantik2! :D Aku suka lipsticknya, tapi tutupnya lepas2 melulu bikin emosi ahhaha
    nice review!


    1. IYaa fill.. aku susah pake lip product klo baunya gak enak
      nah masalah tutup.. SETUJUUUU ><
      entah knp kyk g brp pas yaa..

  5. love the color !! nice review !
    thx for the share^^

    follback my blog y :) Tqqq~



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