Saturday, October 19, 2013

My First Swap with my adorable and lovely buuuffreenn Tata Nedz

Hi beautiess..
Long time no see *again?!!
Im apologize because my lazzineesss ><
After Im sick a several week
The lazzineezzz syndrom come to mee

But, *fingercross.. Im BACK
Hope you miss me like I miss you all
Many things about beauty, fashion, and my life I want to share 

But first, let me start my COMEBACK with my first swap with Tata
We decided to do swap,
with a month preparation
We choose Sept, 25 2013 its the day <3
I quite late to send because my package still in JNE near my home
But so thankful.., my package arrive safely

So lets take a look what  I got from Tata
believe me.. Tata its so lovable person ><
her package its so beautiful... 
I feel my package its so ugly.. TT *crying a lot kekekkeke

kyyaaa... hello kitttyyy... really taaa ><

Tata its so detail about anything
Im adore her so much ^^d
She give me two box.. one of them its my birthday gift *kiss n hug for you taataaa

So lets take a look one by one
My photos qquite dark.. I take them with my android camera ><

And now.. another package from Tata
I dunno why.. I already too happy after receive her package
But she so kind.. send me another package again

I want try this for a long time... Finally taaa >< 

This one toooo >< kyyyaaaaa.... 

Okeeyy... I believeeee... its soooo SOOOOFFFFFTTTT taaa ><
I use it every day now ><
love it so much

So thats it... she's so adorable, right?
I really happy decided to swap and know Tata

If you want to know Tata
its her blog.. you can see about what I give her too ^^

And I make a video for unboxing swap box from tata
Hope you like it deaaarr

Gud nightt


  1. You got so muuuuch!
    I'm jealous >u<

  2. wow..!!!!
    she is just a sweetheart..and you are so lucky :)


    1. yes dear ^^ Im so lucky find person like tata
      happy to know her

  3. hwaaaa......
    amazing swap,, pengeeeennn

    new follower ^^

    1. thank you dear ^^ will find your swap partner soon

  4. Really Happy to know you too sistaaahh ~ <3 xixixi~

    PS: i know right, BH brush is really so so soft.. amazables.. :D



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