Friday, January 25, 2013

New ETUDE: Sweet Recipe Series

New ETUDE comeback with new themes

"Sweet Recipe"

with Sulli and Krystal 
from f(x)

Really comeback with cute themes

I will show you the product from etude websites..

Etude have a new shading ^^ wuaaahh... can wait anymore.. I'm already pre order this product.. Will show you guys the review of this product.. kekekekke

Choco Highligther

Baby Choux Base
I think this product is about make up base
They have 3 optional color



Blusher/Tint/Eyeshadow base?
Anyone can guess? :D

 New package Etude Lipstick
Never no idea why always so cute

Lip Balm


I'm a freaking love nail art...
So I'm so excited now look how many new color \^^/

So... Stay tune guys to see review of another product from me 

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