Tuesday, January 22, 2013

review theFACEshop: stamping on my lips

Haiiii blogger sweetheart,
I can't believe it, that I finaly make my own blog. It almost makes me feel kind of emotional but also excited for this blog. Hope you guys will be like my blog. Also, sorry for my (*&^&$#@$% english.. Coz, honestly i really can't speak english.. but i want to learn. So, this blog maybe can make me more practice... ^^ I will make my post recently update once a week.. ( just let me not lazy for next step ) kekekkeke.....

And for today, I preview one of my favorite product from theFACEshop... its really cute. I'm really love korean make up product coz all of them have a cute packaging. ^^

" Tap! Tap! A lip stamp for vibrant and lively lips! This innovative stamp-type tint in lip-shape completes a natural flushed look on lips. Tap more to give intensity and mimic the gradation technique of an artist "

That's first i looking from this product.. i really love it... I see that Suzy from Miss A use this product too in one of program she attend call Get it Beauty, It's making me crazy.. I looked this product in everywhere... Finaly I found it!!! ^^ yyyeaaaiiii...

How cute right??? b^^d

And, this is the result :)

I know, so many picture right... maybe, for next time
will be many picture too.. I want to show you guys the detail about the product.. 
And if you guys want to buy this product and can't find it.. You can contact me for this product..
I will help you buy this product from my channel.. maybe online shop or anything else.. you can email me and make sure and of course you pay first..
This product IDR 120.000
Not expensive right? ^^ 

So.. see you next week.. And hope this blog can help you to find your curious about cosmetic product or anything else..

byebye, cheries...

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