Friday, September 20, 2013

Review and Get make up on with Color Pop Drawing Show Creamy Pencil Set from Etude House

Hi sweetheart
Long long long time no see
Im just sick last week
And bear enough with my lazyness after sick sindrome

So for start, I just video the new look woth Color Pop Eye liner

For simple review
I just share with you guys about this set ^^
I got it in 23$

Colorful + Fun + Trendy
= Color Pop!

They came with 5 color
Looks like just roll up.. But nope! you need sharpener for use it

From left - right: Black, brown, burgundy plum, orange, pink pearl

For info..
This eyeliner several easy to use and smooth
But several,.. its quite hard to deal with it
Black brown and pink pearl.. its quite hard..
If you not careful, its give you pain in your eyes ><
But for burgundy and orange.. its really smooth.. thats why I really love the burgundy one
Really easy to use, you can use it for eyeshadow too like in my video

This is my crazy selca time with color pop 

So thats it..
Hope you enjoy it
And see you in next post
*finger cross. with post again tomorrow ^^\

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  1. Oh really cute makeup, nice set of eyeliners!

  2. Oh, these are nice! I like the video a lot, I wish that makeup would also be fitting for my blue eyes tho :C Either way a nice review!

    1. Hi dearr ^^ thank you so much for like my video
      Purple with plum undertone I think it will be fot your blue eyes, auugh so envy with your eyes ^^d

  3. love the eyeliners <3
    and also the tree bhind you :p

  4. Nice post.. <3.
    Visit my blog dear^^..

  5. Tin case nya lucu, warnanya juga lucu - lucu ya xD
    btw long lasting ngga nih say?

    drop me a helloヾ(^∇^)

    1. iya nihhh ^^ long lasting looo
      bahkan waterproof... ;)

      will be say hello ^^

  6. Pretty colors! I tried the peachy pink color which is not included in the set..but i swatches all the colors at EH outlet and they all were very good :)

  7. I got here through Tata's blogpost..
    such an amazing stuff you sent her :):)

    Love from India

    1. Hi dear.. thank you for say hello in here ^^
      love your blog too ><

      love from Indonesia



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