Friday, July 19, 2013

review Innisfree volcanic jeju liquid nose pack

Hi girlss...
Long time no see
I miss you all a lott
I'm sorry I've been missing for a couple week
I just feel want to be alone
for a while

Yep... I just feel a tough day in couple week
My bestie (in Surabaya) not remeber my birthday

How childish?
I know, but I always spent my birthday with them... start from university
I'm a little bit mad, and dissapointed..
because I always who remember their birthday
How they do to me
And my bestie who a long way and not here, they remeber,,,
But who in here... in the same town with me... not remember at all
huuuffff..... ====3

stop it here... Im not be ridiculous again
We always and must go right and fighting again right
Now... after a several week
I'm start thinking again
not ti think about them who not remember me at all
But more love who remember and have with me
in my happy or sad time ^^d
thank you bejooo.. thank you fell ^^

and noww... I'm back
with my NEW me
hope I can give you more happiness
and information of course 

Now Im back with my review first
Innisfree volcanic jeju liquid nose pack
I got it from my cubox package
I never try any Innisfree product before
And of course, I never try any nose pack before
So this is the first time
lets take a look first ;)

The packaging looks like toothpaste :p
or handcream

Inside, also looks like black toothpaste ><
Have a cap seal in here... bluring in the back kekekek

 And now, how to apply
Just like apply toothpaste all over your nose area

And just wait 10-15 minutes

After completely dry

You can just peeling off
It is hurt? not at all girl..
Its not like nose pack from Etude that I ever use

 auchhh... its my nose.. :p

But if not hurt, its your komedo can be lifted?
Yep.. of course
As you can see
in the picture... *I know its disguisting... just bear with me a little while ><

So will I repurchase?
Yepp of course ^^
Its promising enough to lift my komedo without hurt me :p

So this is it
Hope you like it and add more imformation girls ^^/

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  1. sabar yaa *pukpuk* >___<
    btw ngangkat komedonya lebih ampuhan mana sama pore strips biasa?
    thanks for the review yaa <3

    1. Thank you laa ^^
      klo aku sukaan ini..
      pakenya wkt setelah cuci muka dsaat pori2 buka.. dan bentuknya kyk salep yg mengering...
      jd lbh meresap tapi gak sakit

  2. Hai ^^
    Ikutan Giveaway #ParcelLebaran di #Helokim yuk ^^ --> -- berhadiah produk kecantikan dan voucher coffee shop :D

    1. Hai juga..
      yuk follow GFC n blogvin ku ^^

  3. Aku baru mo cobain ini...
    Galau antara ini ato blackhead out balm

  4. wow interesting view. i would try this because easy to wear then the usual nose pack. tq :)



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